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But we have yet to find signs of even the most basic microbial life elsewhere in the cosmos, let alone intelligent ones. Could it be that life is far more unlikely than we ever thought it was? Is Earth really that special?

Unsolved creepy mysteries of India

Or, is it simply that our view of what life is is too narrow. Looking for familiar carbon-based life forms that use water as life support might limit us in our quest to find alien life. What if their message is indistinguishable from other frequencies? Or what if their technology is far more or less advanced than our own, meaning the problem is as simple a matter as a mismatched transponder and receiver?


Me too. Physicists know that if you turn up the energy enough— for example, inside a particle accelerator— three of those forces "unify" and become a single force. Physicists have unified the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces, and at higher energies, the same thing should happen with the strong nuclear force and gravity. It isn't clear whether scientists could even build one that powerful; the Large Hadron Collider can send particles crashing into each other with energies in the trillions of electron volts, but to reach grand unification energies, particles would need at least a trillion times as much as that!

Besides the issue of energies, Grand Unified Theories are also plagued by predicting certain observations that so far haven't panned out. There are several promising theories that say protons, over immense spans of time, should turn into other particles. But this has never been observed, so either protons last much longer than anyone thought or they really are stable forever. Another prediction some theories point to is the existence of magnetic monopoles—"north" or "south" poles of a magnet isolated from the other— but nobody has seen one of those, either.

It's possible we just don't have a powerful enough particle accelerator… or maybe that we are completely wrong about how the universe works. As is its theoretically much more abundant cousin, Dark Energy… a subject for another article. But dark matter—somehow—is not.

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Researchers have been studying this phenomenon, trying to unravel its mysteries, almost since it was first hypothesized in with relatively little success. But the truth of the matter—or rather, the DARK matter—is that we still have no clue whatsoever about the makeup of one of the most abundant entities in our universe.

Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared - Episode One

Source: Pixabay. Sponsored Stories. Chris Young.

16 of history's greatest unsolved mysteries

What makes ball lighting so fascinating and puzzling is its strange "behavior. More mysterious still is its ability to pass through solid objects. Sometimes it leaves holes, as with the airliner above, but it has also been seen to pass through window glass and even walls without even leaving a mark. This might be a phenomenon related to ball lightning No one really knows what the many "spooklights" reported around the world are caused by.

And there are many. The lights appear almost nightly and can be seen at a distance from Highway Yet when investigators try to approach the lights, nothing can be seen. There are many unproven theories, of course, including alien activity, mirages, ghosts usually headless railroad workers , and ball lightning induced by tectonic stresses in rocks.

Here are some puzzlers that still have experts scratching their heads.

Clouds are fluffy, benign masses of water vapor, right? Consider this: In an otherwise clear September sky near Agen, France in , a small, white, spherical cloud appeared. It floated motionless for a while before beginning to spin and head quickly southward. Witnesses reported that deafening rumbling noises thundered from the cloud, and then it suddenly exploded in a shower of rocks and stones.

9. Kryptos

The cloud then slowly faded away. This is one case of extremely rare and highly unusual behavior from clouds. Other documented reports tell of clouds that move against the wind, clouds that rain insects or carry peculiar shadows. There is even a story of a man from Oyster Bay, Long Island who was attacked by a spitting cloud.

It's difficult to come up with any kind of rational explanations for these weird tales.

One of the most recent examples of fish falling from the sky took place in the summer of in Ethiopia. A local newspaper reported: "The unusual rain of fish, which dropped in millions from the air—some dead and others still struggling—created panic among the mostly religious farmers. Most often these rains of animals are attributed to severe storms, tornadoes, waterspouts, and related phenomena.

Although the theory has not yet been proved, it holds that strong winds pick up the fish or frogs from bodies of water such as ponds, streams, and lakes, carry them aloft - sometimes for miles and miles - and then drop them over land. The peculiar fact that challenges this theory is this: in most cases, the rains are of one kind of animal only. It rains one species of herring, for example, or a particular kind of frog.

How can this be explained? Could a powerful gust of wind be so discriminating? If the storm scooped up water from a pond, wouldn't it rain all kinds of things one finds in a pond—frogs, toads, fish, weeds, sticks and probably beer cans? I hesitate to include crop circles because I'm nearly convinced that they are all probably man-made.

Yet, even though many groups of people have come forward to admit that they have designed and created the sometimes elaborate—and quite often beautiful—crop formations, there remains a die-hard faction of believers that insists that at least some crop circles are caused by some unexplained phenomenon. Crop circles have been reported in nearly every country on Earth.

The 6 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

In fact, according to Crop Circle Central, the only major countries that have never reported formations are China and South Africa. Plain round crop circles as we know them began to appear in abundance in the s. But then in , we began to see far more intricate and complex pictograms. Believers suggested they might be a form of communication from extraterrestrials—or from the Earth itself. Those who say they are not manmade point to several peculiarities found in the affected crops: woven stalks, cellular changes in the grain stalks, and strange phenomena experienced by researchers examining the circles, such as unexplained equipment failures, sounds, and other physical effects.

After 90 years, the explosive event at Tunguska, Siberia in remains one of the most puzzling natural disasters in recent history.

On June 30 of that year, a blazing fireball descended from the sky and devastated an area about half the size of Rhode Island. Trees were felled for miles in a radial pattern, fires burned for weeks and the sound of its thunder could be heard at great distances. What it was that fell on Tunguska that fateful day is still a mystery. Although for many years scientists thought it was probably a meteor that exploded over the Siberian wilderness, today's best guess is that it was probably a comet. In fact, there was very little evidence of any kind to explain precisely what occurred that day.

In recent years, the Tunguska event has received renewed attention as we realize more clearly that the Earth is at risk at almost any time from a strike from outer space. Discovered accidentally by filmmaker Jose Escamilla in March of , what he calls "rods" are strange flying things that can only be seen on slowed-down film and videotape, and sometimes captured in still photographs. Apparently, these things—whatever they are—move too quickly to be seen with the naked eye.

Escamilla first noticed them in film footage he had taken in Midway, New Mexico, and he along with others have since filmed and taped them in several other locations. According to Escamilla's own definition, rods are "cigar or cylindrical shaped objects that travel at high velocities barely visible with the naked eye. They appear to be alive as they move through the air like fish swim in the sea. They appear to have fins or appendages along the torso and the torsos bend as they travel.