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Organizing Organizing closets Don't delay. Get your clothes in order today with these closet organizing ideas; it will be a welcome relief. Organizing Bedrooms Savvy storage ideas and furnishings can make sweet dreams a reality in home organization. Organizing your child's room Don't let the kids' bedrooms make your home a disaster-zone. Stay organized with advice from an expert. Organizing Organizing broom closets Easy projects that will simplify your cleaning routine and help you to organize your home.

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Easy closet organization tips No need to procrastinate when it comes to closet organization -- these useful tips will help clear up the clutter. Organizing Organizing living rooms Make this space livable or, if need be, put the living back into it with these home organizing tips. Organizing Family rooms Get your family room organized by carefully editing your belongings and creating a good organizing system that makes it easy to put things away. Organizing Front halls Make the entrance to your home an inviting, tidy place with these organizing ideas.

Clutter hot spots Control clutter found in entryways. Organizing Garages Take your garage from a disorganized mess to a clean multifunctional space you'll enjoy using with these organizing tips. Get organized outdoors Turn your home's outdoor surroundings into an organized haven. Organizing Outdoor entertaining Make summertime livin' easy and breezy with these entertaining tips to keep you organized.

Home organization: General tips Organizing ideas for every room in your house A room-by-room guide to keeping your home gloriously orderly and organized.

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Home organization: Home office 9 beautiful agendas, calendars and organizers for Stay organized this year with one of these stunning agendas, calendars or organizers. Home organization: Kitchen and dining room 11 smart food storage products These 11 food storage products make kitchen organization and style easy to achieve.

Organizing Dining rooms Find out how to maximize the potential of this versatile space with these home organizing tips. Declutter your home and give life to your inner neat freak with these 10 too-easy-to-not-do tips. If your life is hectic, join the club: Between kids, homework, housework, and ever-demanding jobs, nobody has time to organize on the go , and everyone knows how easy it is to let the mail pile up, the laundry get out of control, and the dishwasher remain perpetually full.

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While many people feel as if a clean and organized home is only the result of a weekly cleaning crew and a personal organizer, do yourself a favor and design the smart way, adopting these ten clever keep-tidy tricks so you never have to spend hard-earned weekend hours cleaning and organizing. Once your rooms are working harder and your habits fall in line , your life will be tidier than you ever imagined. Looking to manage a tiny bathroom shared by multiple members of the family? One large, easily accessibly hamper tempts those who typically step out of their clothes—and never look back—to chuck them where they belong.

Once you get used to that habit, you may find that it takes only a little extra effort to finish the process. For your nightstand, focus on keeping only must-haves close at hand: a lamp, paper and pen, and your nighttime read. Utilize bedside drawers to store away everything else. Designed to stand up to dirty shoes, this mudroom is a go-to place for dropping bags, boxes, and coats during the rush of a busy day. Baskets store out-of-season accessories, such as winter accessories in the summer and swimming supplies in the winter, while a long bench creates an easy spot for taking off and putting on shoes reminding adults and kids alike to discard muddy shoes near the door.

Well-placed hooks keep coats and backpacks off the floor. Believe it or not, sometimes the lack of a sprawling laundry room can be a blessing in disguise.

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Housing a front-loading washer and dryer in a wide closet—where louvered doors can close at any time to conceal the dirty work—creates an efficient, hard-working space with limited junk zones. The green pail is a handy catchall for dryer sheets and wayward socks, while a painted wooden countertop can be used for folding and sorting.

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With its curvy edges, this neutral table bears plenty of surface space but also stays comfortably out of the way. It also makes it far easier to find what you need. Kondo says that organizing photos by events or grouping them with other photos that are similar in theme is also a smart way to organize pictures. These organizer bags are an affordable alternative for clothing storage.

The goal for kitchen storage is to keep as much as possible off the counters and store what you use most frequently in easy-to-reach places. Less-used items are better stored in harder-to-reach places in kitchen cabinets. When organizing a closet, Kondo recommends taking everything out and creating one big pile in order to see how many clothes you own. This will help you decide what you truly need.


Afterward, you can figure out the ideal way to store your clothing. Not only will this prevent books from laying around everywhere, but Kondo points out that being overloaded with too many books or objects may prevent your child from receiving and appreciating new information.

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For entryways, Kondo recommends having a designated space for keys, sunglasses and whatever else you immediately set down when coming through the door. Kondo always recommends storing things upright rather than piling them, even in the refrigerator. For example, you would never want to pile anything on top of a fragile egg carton, but these durable plastic ones allow for stacking vertically. This will prevent your wallet from busting open or being too wide to zip. For parents, Kondo recommends leading by example. If your child sees you tidying your things, then he or she will want to join in, too.